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October 06 2017


Nakakaiyak yung Wonderwall amputa

Ramdam na ramdam ko. Kahit wala akong Wonderwall ngayon. 

September 18 2017

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Nicki Minaj is a beast and my spirit animal

I know what's happening. You're scared. You're not content. You just want life to go easy and get everything on a silver platter. 

But you know that's not how life goes. That's not reality. And the reality is that puta you need to fucking work. You need to hustle. You need that daily grind, that driving force. You need to work. Because you arne't going to get content if you don't work. You're not going to get rid of your fears if you don't do anything about it. I know it's tough. I know it's scary. But this is real. You're still here. You're you and there's no one better. You can do it all, but only through His spirit. 

You better work. And love that grind. 
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Mount Fuji 3D book
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August 07 2017

Won't lie. I'm kind of tempted to look into studying medicine abroad. Idk just cause I want a fresh start away form everyone. But I'm gonna miss my family.
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You know what. Ang daming drama right now. And like I care about you but I need to care about myself more. And I do. To be damn honest, the only time I give a fuck is when I fucking have time. So I need to constantly not have time. 

I mean tangina. I tell people "I gotchu," "I'll always make time for you," "I'll be there for you." But in the end, who's go me? Who'll make time for me? Who'll be there for me? No one but my damn self. And you know what I fucking have no more time to waste on y'all. 

People might say that I'll win the battle, but I'll lose the war. 

I say go fuck yourselves. 

I'm going to win. I'm going to rule. I'm going to w i n. 

August 02 2017

I think I just need to be selfish with myself now
Like I just need to fucking detach from people 
Because I'm just fucking comparing myself with them
Like literally who does it hlpj na you're faking being happy for them when really you're jealous about it 
I should be happy for them 
But I'm not 
And I have to live with that and detach myself cause it's honestly such a distraction 
Like Can we get real 
You're scared. You're fucking scared na things won't work out and you know what things aren't going to unless you face reality head on and just do your fucking job. Dude. I believe in you. I have faith in you. You can and you will do it but nothing is going to happen if you keep fucking wasting your time
Watching movies
Checking fb and IG
Waiting for replies

All these fucking distractions are going to be the end of you. Unless you stop it while it's within your control. 

Remember you have the power to decide your fate. No one else. Trust no one with your life but yourself. Trust no one and you will be okay. You will be great. You will be powerful. You will be great. 
I am proud of you. You can and you will. :) 

July 25 2017



Doctor of Medicine
College of Medicine, University of the Philippines, Manila 

BS Psychology
Magna Cum Laude 
University of the Philippines, Diliman 

July 24 2017


For my best friend

It's wonderful yet unusual to be in a situation where you can call someone as your person, soulmate, and ride or die. The chances are always minuscule. I mean, what if neither of us needed a science elective that sem? What if that MS 101 class had already been filled? What if I hadn't ran from PHAn to claim that 1 slot left because I hadn't seen it on CRS? What if I had gotten there 10 minutes later? What if someone else had sat beside me?          

We've come a long way from just being MS 101 seatmates. And although we’ve only known each other for roughly two years, it feels like it’s been so much longer. Time and again we've tried to explain how we got here in such a short amount of time; we can't and that's fine with us. But I've realized that beyond "clicking," what ultimately makes our friendship work is because we do; we choose to stay in each other's lives, come hell and high water.  

So, to the person I've forged one of the most unexpected yet significant and fulfilling relationships with: happy birthday! Thank you for existing. 
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July 14 2017

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